Class Guide

Congratulations on your commitment to personal growth, health, and empowerment through Fit For a Goddess.

General guidelines

Sessions and Payment

Fit For a Goddess class sessions run for 5 consecutive weeks (unless otherwise specified), with one class per week. We recommend taking at least three sessions to fully flow and feel confident in this new type of empowering expression through movement. Of course, you can remain a part of our “sacred circle” of women for as long as you like! Many women have made this THE way they get and stay fit! The fee for a 5-week series is $150 plus tax. There are also many discount packages available (see “policy stuff” page). Classes are transferable and non-refundable once classes begin. If you are unable to attend a scheduled class series, your funds will be held in your account for future use.


This is a feminine fitness venue designed for adult (18yrs. and above) women. Therefore, please make arrangement for children and significant others. All current locations have window coverings or other measures that insure privacy. This type of expression through movement is highly personal, unique to each individual, intimate, elegant, and strenuous, while honoring personal limitations. A condition of participation is that you agree to maintain complete confidentiality out of respect for each of your class sister’s privacy. You are, of course, free to share your own experiences but please refrain from commenting on anyone else.

Preparations for Class

Wear comfortable stretchy workout clothes that make you feel sexy. Classes where more pole work is practiced, you will want to wear shorts because that exposed skin can really help you “hang on” the pole! Speaking of the pole, it is imperative that you wear no lotion on any part of your body the day of class. Lotion and body oil are the pole’s enemy! You also need to remove all rings and bracelets. These scratch and permanently damage the pole. The lotion or oil is more likely to damage you and therefore a safety issue!


This is about honoring, releasing, and expressing the Goddess within all of us (which can be life altering!), NOT nudity. Should you choose to peel away layers (symbolically or literally), there will be demonstrations on ways to do this in a most sensual and exquisite manner. Even if you are comfortable “in the buff” or nearly so, others in your group may not be. This is a group experience and the sense of safety and comfort for all is of utmost importance. Therefore, peeling down to “booty” shorts and sports bra or tank top will be the limit during class time.

Along these lines, another absolute must is that there is no judgment allowed, only support. Should such thoughts creep into your consciousness, about yourself or others in the group, peel that away and release it into the cosmos!

Bits & Pieces

Please bring a workout towel, exercise mat (you may borrow one for $1), bottled water (cold water can be purchased for $1) and change for the parking meters (Honolulu only if you park on the street). They check the meters regularly so don’t fudge on feeding them! Most importantly, bring your enthusiasm for being a woman and have loads of fun!!!