Dr. Ilana

Ilana Fernandez – Founder

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“Hi, I’m Ilana Fernandez, founder of Fit For a Goddess. (If you haven’t done it yet, click the right-pointing arrow of the video controller, above, and “meet” me.) I have a doctorate in Clinical Psychology specializing in Life Span Development and am a Registered Play Therapist. I’ve worked for many years with people of all ages supporting healthy growth and development throughout ones life span. Working as a Child and Family Therapist, I’ve specialized in parenting and attachment issues. My work with couples integrates the development of the self while nurturing healthy attachments.

My current focus, with an emphasis on movement, has been inspired by an overwhelming sense of the need to renew and enliven the essential and authentic feminine in women today. The things we do in our classes draws on my passion for dance and training in many of its forms such as; jazz, modern, ballet, Latin, hula, and Tahitian. The fact that I’ve also done specialized training in dance therapy, movement therapy and art therapy has helped with our class design. Those design components have been integrated with research on ancient ritual and ceremonial dance movements performed throughout the ages among matriarchal and benevolent societies.

Those mostly-forgotten forms where sensuality and spirituality were one in the same. Bringing back this balance, and with it a sense of healing and wholeness, was my primary goal for each of the Fit For a Goddess classes. And I can’t leave this out: I also believe that the Fit For a Goddess sensual dance workout is the most fun you will ever have getting and staying fit…in mind, body and spirit!”


The “US” part of Fit For a Goddess

Due to our phenomenal growth and popularity, I was unable to teach all the classes myself . I trained and certified a group of fabulous instructors in the Fit For a Goddess method. Other “Goddess Graduates” are in the apprentice process and facilitate our current classes. If you are interested in the possibility of working towards instructing, the first step is to take one of our class series. If you have further questions regarding instructor training, please contact us at contact@fitforagoddess.com.

My vision was to develop Fit For a Goddess into a Womenโ€™s Center where women come together to develop their mind, body, and spiritual fitness through various means. In addition to having the sensual dance workout classes, I offered counseling services, massage, and a boutique that carries unique workout wear as well as personal empowerment resources including information regarding the influence of the โ€œGoddess natureโ€ throughout the ages. I also hoped to provide a โ€œsanctuaryโ€ or meeting area for women. Through what was learned and as the center evolved, I am interested in developing a similar prototype that would provide the same level of support to meet the needs of todayโ€™s men.

Since we opened there have been several stories about us and what we do in our classes. A couple of those are still up on the Web if you’d like to take a look. is a story that Midweek, the online magazine, did that tells our story quite well. is a wonderfully done story on Ilana and Fit For a Goddess that the Honolulu Advertiser ran awhile ago (see press page).